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Welcome to Little Feet & Violets Doula Service!
Who Am I?

 Hey there! I'm Chass, a born and raised DC native with a variety of "pots" that are all currently cooking at one time on what I like to call the stove of my life (the burners on that thing are endless!). I've been professionally cooking for over a decade and a personal chef since 2015. I've always been passionate about supporting others through food, but my perspective changed and my interests grew when my own family started to grow.

The Makings of This Doula

Shortly after my family started to grow, life happened. On February 8 2014, my first baby Anthony was stillborn at 37 weeks and 6 days due to a placental abruption. Fast forward a year later, and his brother Terrence was successfully born earth-side. Two years after that, Maia arrived safely, and two years after her - Aubrey surprised everyone but God and showed up on the scene.


Since becoming a part of the bereaved parents community, I have met so many families who have experienced pregnancy & infant loss. The disparities & blatant disregard in the medical system when it comes to BIPOC maternal and infant health, as well as the absurd mortality rates combined with my own experiences and those of who I've met have both frustrated me and made me incredibly sad because a lot of parents (especially womxn of color) don't have the support that they need before, during, and after pregnancy, regardless of the outcome. As a birthing person, you deserve to be heard.


In 2020, I trained with the Sisters in Loss organization to become a full spectrum doula in fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and bereavement. I also am a certified perinatal nutrition educator. Being a personal chef and a doula means that I will not only hold space for you emotionally, mentally, and physically; we'll also talk about how to nourish your body during fertility, pregnancy, & beyond. It's all about YOU, hun!

Little Feet & Violets was created in honor of my son Anthony. Caring for little feet was befitting not only because of the work but because Littlefoot was my nickname for him (any Land Before Time movie fans out there?!). Violets are not only the birth flower for February but they also are known to symbolize modesty, everlasting love, faithfulness, and more. Not bad qualities to have in parenting, right? :-).

Outside of Birth Work/Chef Work

I can be found being a mom/personal assistant to my 3 medium sized humans, finding new recipes for them to try and like ("like" being the operative word here!), watching Marvel shows & movies with my husband, trying a new exercise routine, plotting travel adventures with friends, finding new restaurants to eat at/new cookbooks to read, having random 15 minute dance parties to blaring music, fostering my newfound love for hiking, & listening to a book on Audible. Life has a way of being spontaneous so I'm a fan of lowkey flying by the seat of my pants when I can.

I've supported families in the DC metro area, on the West Coast, and I'm open to virtually supporting anyone anywhere in the US and abroad. Interested in learning more? Go schedule a consultation with me and let's chat!

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