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Pregnancy After Loss Support

This can be hard to navigate on your own, but you don't have to!

  • Virtual/In Person

Service Description

Pregnancy after loss can be difficult to navigate on your own, but the blessing is that you don’t have to. This package includes: • A “Get to know each other” session • 2 Prenatal sessions, Bi-weekly Check-ins, Weekly Check-ins after 37 weeks • Assistance with planning birth preferences and birth environment (low light, soft music, etc.) to the extent possible in the place of birth • Continuous emotional support & assistance with mental and physical comfort measures • Encouragement to communicate with your medical provider & be informed about any procedures and interventions • 24 hour on-call availability starting at 37 weeks until your baby is born • Labor & delivery support • 2 Postpartum sessions • Referral services for: childbirth education classes, health + wellness coach, postpartum physical training, lactation consultants, support groups, etc. • Support for the spouse/partner if applicable • Unlimited support via text, phone, and email throughout pregnancy and 4 weeks postpartum

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